A discussion on the joy and pains of dog ownership

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JOY ON FOUR LEGS Pet ministry in Houston_ December 20, Posted: 12/19/ JOY ON FOUR LEGS: Pet ministry in Houston.

Opinion: The joy - and pain - of dog ownership

By George Henson. Staff Writer. When she finally trapped the dog in an enclosed yard and won its confidence, animal specialists told her the dog probably never would recover from its injuries or be.

Sometimes the joy that pet owners talk about their animals actually trumps their interest in their own children. It’s a phenomenon of happiness that’s worth exploring.

by the hand and walk you through what it means to be an ethical dog breeder, and hope you also reap the joy and profit I have done on this road. Puppy” Guide Book on Dog Ownership especially for my clients and give it to them as That Guide Book is provided as a bonus with this “Complete Guide to Dog Breeding” dog breeder’s kit.

A discussion on the joy and pains of dog ownership
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