Compare and contrast jails and prisons

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The USA and Human Rights

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Excellent survey of what is known about driving forces behind the dramatic growth in the fraction of Americans in federal and state prisons and local jurisdictions' jails. 4 general population, with Hispanic individuals comprising approximately 22 percent of the prison population, but only about 17 percent of the total U.S.

population In contrast, non-Hispanic Whites comprised approximately 62 percent of the total U.S. population but only about Take a population of one million Legal Americans who obey the law by entering America legally by birth or acquired citizenship and compare them to a million who came in with an opportunistic.

Gwen Mingo was a featured speaker at the May 1, May Day march to stop the racist corporate takeover of Detroit and the subsequent bankruptcy filing.

June Bryan Collier Named Director of ,Inmate TX Prison Agency. Second-in-command Bryan Collier will be the next director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, taking the reins at an agency that oversees more than prisons and nearly 40, employees, the Texas Tribune reports.

Compare and contrast jails and prisons
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