Editing writing and media fsu requirements transfer

English (Editing, Writing, and Media)

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2018-2019 Graduate Bulletin

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Requirements for Progression to the Upper-Division Major: To be admitted, students must complete at least 52 hours of credit with an adjusted GPA of on FSU coursework, and at least half the required hours in General Education, including all freshman English and mathematics, or an AA.

FSU | The Career Center. Webmail; (Editing, Writing, & Media) Information. English Get connected with The Career Center’s social media pages. Florida State University. FSU | Academic Program Guide. Academic Program Guide More FSU Social Media.

Florida State University. FSU | Academic Program Guide. Webmail; Search FSU; Navigation; Home; Major Comparisons; Minors; Certificates and Specialized Studies Academic Program Guide More FSU Social Media. Graduate Degree and Certificate Requirements Prerequisites for All Graduate Degrees.

Graduate work in any department must be preceded by sufficient undergraduate work in the field or a related one to satisfy the chair of the department that the student can successfully conduct graduate work in the chosen field. All undergraduate majors in the College of Motion Picture Arts are required to meet Florida State University's liberal studies requirements as specified in the "Undergraduate Degree Requirements" chapter of this General Bulletin.

Editing writing and media fsu requirements transfer
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