Perception and individual decision making mcqs

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Perception And Individual Decision Making . – Organizational Behavior

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Perception and Individual Decision Making

1. 1 Perception And Individual Decision Making 6 DENI TRIYANTO 2. 2 1. Define perception and explain the factors that influence it.

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a. Perception is a process. Individual decision making saves time, money and energy as individuals make prompt and logical decisions generally.

While group decision making involves lot of time, money and energy. Individual decisions are more focused and rational as compared to group. individual draw and on the basis of it select, and satisfaction and so their buying and usage decisions.

Many theories have been presented on customer buying behavior and decision making behaviors. In food industry buying behavior is analyzed by the aspect of: perception. The Link Between Perceptions and Individual Decision Making Problem A perceived discrepancy between the current state of affairs and a desired state Decisions Choices made from among alternatives developed from data perceived as relevant Perception of the Decision Maker Outcomes.

Essentials of Organizational Behavior, 10/e Stephen P. Robbins & Timothy A. Judge Chapter 3 Perception and Individual Decision Making Copyright © Pearson. Learning Outcome: Discuss the factors influencing individual decision making in organizations 94) Women are more likely than men to overanalyze problems before making a decision and to rehash a decision once made.

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