Teratogens fetus and countless birth defects

Teratogens (What to Avoid During Pregnancy)

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If several illustrations are involved, their relationship may also have a capable effect on the diverse of abnormality that results. A teratogen is an agent that can disturb the development of the embryo or fetus. Teratogens can halt pregnancy or produce a congenital malformation (a birth defect).

Classes of teratogens include radiation, maternal infections, chemicals, and drugs. Pregnancy and Teratogens. Approximately 4 to 5 percent of birth defects are caused by exposure to a Researchers believe a teratogen can affect a developing fetus about 10 to14 days after.

Environmental Teratogens: And their Effect on Unborn Foals

Essay about Teratogens: Fetus and Countless Birth Defects To put a definition plainly, teratogens are agents responsible for countless birth defects.

Research found suggests over eight hundred known teratogens. Environmental teratogens, defined as any agent or substance that is capable of interfering with the development of a fetus causing birth defects or death of the fetus, include vitamin and mineral deficiencies or imbalances, numerous therapeutic drugs, chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, noxious plants and viral and bacterial infections.

To put a definition plainly, teratogens are agents responsible for countless birth defects. Research found suggests over eight hundred known teratogens. tions or birth defects. These anatomical or structural abnormalities are present at birth although they TERATOGENS AND THEIR EFFECTS.

There are a variety of causes of congenital malformations including: 1) genetic factors (chromo- Congenital cytomegalovirus infection is the most common viral infection of the fetus. Infection of.

Teratogens fetus and countless birth defects
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Teratogenic Causes of Malformations