The trends of dialect leveling and

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Consonant and Vowel Joining

Dialect levelling of this sort fits in well with the social-psychological mechanism of levelling dis- cussed in the introduction. Variants, old and new, exist in.

Dialect levelling, or dialect leveling, refers to assimilation, mixture and/or eradication of certain dialects, often by language standardization.

It has been observed in most languages with large numbers of speakers after the industrialisation and the modernisation of the areas in which they are spoken.


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Hokkien (/ ˈ h ɒ k i ɛ n, h ɒ ˈ k iː ɛ n /; from Chinese: 福建話; pinyin: Fújiànhuà; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hok-kiàn-ōe) or Minnan Proper [citation needed] (閩南語/闽南话), is a Southern Min Chinese dialect group originating from the Minnan region in the south-eastern part of Fujian Province in Southeastern China and Taiwan, and spoken widely there and by the Chinese diaspora in.

Dialect levelling or dialect leveling is a process of assimilation, mixture and merging of certain dialects, often by language standardization. It has been observed in most languages with large numbers of speakers after industrialisation and modernisation of the areas in which they are spoken.

The trends of dialect leveling and
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